Understanding Shutter Speed - Abhi Madangeri

Photography is all about playing with light and the basic factor which determines the amount of light that reaches camera sensor is shutter. The time taken for opening and closing of shutter is called shutter speed which is measured in terms of seconds. The shutter speed can be very fast, fraction of a second to very slow, several seconds. This time interval can be used to create the desired effect in our images. In this article we will look into these effects of shutter speed and their impact on the end result.

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Child and Creativity - Abhi Madangeri

In 2006 my brother gifted me my first DSLR and thus began my photography journey. I started shooting and learning the technicalities and as I was interested in nature, everything that moved was my subject, but composition and many other aspects were totally ignored. Patience and waiting game came at a cost of too many images with clutter, distraction, faraway and out of focus subjects which had filled my hard disk. Slowly the mind took control over impatient fingers and I started to wait for some action to happen or subject to come out in open within reach or against a nice background. My images improved as the composition and technical aspects of photography were applied in execution of these images.

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Understanding Metering - Abhi Madangeri

Digital cameras have different modes that facilitate control of exposure by allowing users to play around with the basic aspects of exposure like Shutter Speed, ISO and Aperture. The different camera modes apart from the auto modes (which takes away control from the photographer and makes creativity camera dependent) are Aperture Priority (A/Av), Shutter Priority (P/Tv) and Manual (M) mode.

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