Bracketing Circle - 2014 : Quick Look

2014 was a great year and our participants, members and captains experienced and captured some of the best moments of their life. The first trip of the year started with Daroji in Feb 2014, which was followed by Bandipur, Bhadra, BR Hills, Chikmagalur and Ganeshgudi. These trips were not just about photography but it was also about learning, meeting new people, making friends and building relations. With the Basic Photography Workshops and the kaTTe meets, Bracketing Circle not only introduced the beautiful world of Photography to more and more people, it also reintroduced them to nature, conservation and travel. As we are about to step into the new year, Bracketing Circle wishes you all a Great Year ahead. Here a quick look at Bracketing Circle's 2014.


Daroji - Gateway to Hampi

The lucky sighting of a Leopard at Daroji Bear Sanctuary.

The leopard sighting at Daroji published in newspapers.

A rare sight of Indian Rock Eagle Owl drying its wings.

Follow the Pugmarks - Bandipur

Huge male tiger at Bandipur. Image by Kanika Dass.

Best Image - Bandipur Trip. Image by Sangeeta Ganeshan.

Tigers and Terns, Bhadra

The elusive leopard of Bhadra backwaters. Image by Mohan Krishnappa.

Munjtac Land - Wilderness of BR Hills

Rare encounter with the Madras Tree Shrew.

The BR Hills gang.

The Falls Expedition - Chikmagalur

Monsoon. Image by Mohan Krishnappa. 

Team Effort. Image by Mohan Krishnappa.

Ganeshgudi - A Bird Paradise

The Ganeshgudi Gang.

Sprinkler. Image by Dhanush Nagaraj.

In between these trips, there were a couple of 1-2-1 workshops which were conducted at Kabini and Bandipur.

During a 1-2-1 workshop at Bandipur. Image by Abhi Madangeri.

Some interesting images from kaTTe

Image by Sobin Ahmed.


Image by Anita Mishra.

One More Publication  

The year ended with a very good news. Image by Abhi Madangeri was published in Valmik Thapar's book 'Wildfire'.  

Bracketing Circle wishes you all a very Happy New Year!!!


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