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Happiness, sadness, loneliness, fear, anger, love, hope, confusion, amusement, grief and a lot of other emotions run through our mind at different times. All these emotions are in our mind and when we go through them, a lot of thoughts cross our mind.

Emotions are connected with different colors and that is the reason, why food joints have their names in Red or why you only see shades or Red, Orange and Yellow when you visit the food section of a supermarket. It is believed that these colors increase ones appetite and makes you hungry.

Image search for the word 'Bank' in Google, what is the most dominant color/shades that you see and why is that?
Try the same for words like Food, Loneliness, Sorrow, Happiness, Love and analyze if you really connect your emotions with any dominant color.

Colors do have impact on the mood and somewhere represent our emotions. This aspect has been extensively used by visual artists to add emotions to their work, therefore color is an important element of composition in their work.
Emotions are not just associated with colors, it is also closely connected to lines and shapes. A good use of lines and shapes in an image can help in creating a mood and represent emotions.

If you try the same exercise that we did for colors and emotions, you will see that emotions like happiness, love, sadness, etc have more smoother lines and shapes at play, whereas emotions like anger, fear, confusion, etc have unruly elements at play.

For loneliness if you observe, leading and converging lines are at play and also triangles are much more prominent.

The above activity might have made it clear that emotions contribute to visual art and in turn enhance the mood of an image with respect to the emotions we try to convey. Photography is also a visual art and these factors are equally at play in photography too. My point here is, images we create can have emotions in the form of colors, lines, shapes, forms, action and many other things. 

How do we convert these emotions into images?
To show our emotions through photography, we have to convert our emotions into thoughts and apply this thought to the image we plan to create. It is tough, but not impossible to infuse life into our images by creating them out of the emotions we are undergo at that moment.

On the field, if we take some time out to think before we press the shutter button we can achieve this. The raw material for the thought process behind our image creation should be the emotions that we are going through. To infuse life into our image, it is very important to stop and think about how we are going to convert that moment into an image. And when I say 'that moment', I am not just referring to time and place, but also to the emotions that run through us at that specific time and place.

After all, a photograph without emotion doesn't have a life.

Yesterday, I had gone out with my daughter to a lake inside a Tech Park. As she played with her garden set, I was busy looking at the calm waters. The Sunday silence inside the Tech Park transported me to another world. I had my camera in the car, the evening light was good, but my mind couldn't think of making any images. Everything around was beautifully lit, the light from the setting sun reflected of the buildings and shimmered in the water, there were flowers with green background, dragonflies were all around hovering and still, but my mind couldn't think of any image.

I was calm, settled and somewhere deep within silently smiling at my daughter's play of words which was faintly audible at a distance. Everything was in perfect harmony, It was a peaceful solitude but I was not alone, there was silence but it sounded like music, there was chaos but orderly. It was a mixed feeling of relaxation, solitude, freedom, caution and togetherness.

I was waiting for the sun to go down, the darkness to slowly take over to create images of birds on this dead tree, which I was watching for a long time now. At 7 PM, it was time to go home, but it was also time to pen down those emotions on my images.

Orderly Chaos - Life around the lake



Peaceful Solitude



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Very inspiring content, both textual and graphic! I don't know how I missed this feature earlier. I

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