Following the Pugmarks, Bandipur - Abhi Madangeri

Over a delicious breakfast of idli, vada and dosa near Channapatna, we listened to a story of a person from Holland who had traveled across India in search of the tiger, and on not sighting one, he went back and declared on his blog, "There are no tigers in the wild in India, it is a hoax". It reminded me of the famous Aesop's fable, the Fox and the Grapes. As we got into our car, I asserted myself, "We won't return back as the Fox, claiming the Grapes are sour".

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Night Photography - Abhi Madangeri

Heavy rains had stopped, darkness had engulfed the coffee estates and the jungle around, I was sitting in the verandah sipping hot coffee with sadness slowly creeping in because I had missed my evening session of birding due to rain. With photography gear packed up, the light drizzle with an occasional lightening was all that I had for company. All of a sudden, a lightening struck so hard that everything around turned visible, and that exact moment a thought crossed my mind too, 'Why not capture lightening?. Yes! I need not be sad, I can try my hands at capturing lightening'.

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Forgotten Empire, Unforgettable Experience - Abhi Madangeri

As I entered through one of the gates, I was awestruck by the beauty of the place, huge boulders perfectly balanced towering high above the city on all sides, the gaps between these huge boulders filled in with rocky walls forming a vast open theatre of architectural marvel. Temples exquisitely carved through the rocks topped with magnificent Gopuras made of bricks styled with architectural designs from all over the world, endless line of bazaars selling everything from spices and grains to animals and precious goods, tourists and travelers from all over the world freely roaming around, interacting with the locals and staying comfortably at the Khaali Mantapas, historians and scientists eagerly waiting at the Royal Darbar to meet the King, merchants trying to exchange their goods with the locals at the bazaars, cool breeze blowing over the ponds and tanks scattered all over the city, fed by the water from Tungabhadra by a network of underground canals and aqueducts, multi-storeyed buildings and palaces of sandalwood surrounded by the most beautiful landscaping, soldiers guarding the city and keeping an eye from the watchtowers strategically placed at high points, artisans at work carving stories on stones for future generation to cherish, beautiful dancers in sync with the musicians creating music out of the stone pillars, all this and much more welcomed me into the greatest empire man has ever seen.

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