The Falls Expedition - Abhi Madangeri

A long drive through green fields dotted with lakes filled with grebes and coots took us to the foothills of the highest peak in Karnataka. As soon as we started our drive uphill, we were greeted with mist from all sides dropping the visibility to just a few feet. The monsoon drizzle kept us company all the way through. The lush green surrounding covered in light grey mist was an unforgettable sight and the stage for our photo-expedition was set. Everything we expected was in place, and we just wished, the place we were heading to should be as per our expectation to get our shot.

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Birds for Beginners: Part 1 - Abhi Madangeri

This article will introduce you to the amazing world of bird watching ad bird photography and hope it kick starts your journey into the fascinating and colorful world of our feathered friends. Birds are beautiful and addictive. If you are tired and stressed, the fascinating world of birds can be a great stress-buster. Birds are warm blooded feathered vertebrates which lay eggs. The wings which are modified forelimbs along with hollow bones and evolved body parts and structure aid them in their flight. Though the first thing that comes to our mind on hearing the word 'Bird' is flight, not all birds can fly.

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River Terns of Bhadra - Abhi Madangeri

The loud noise of the boat was silenced by the calls of the Terns. As soon as the engine was switched off, the boat gently sailed and touched the island, everyone in the boat was awestruck by the sight in front of them. The river terns were all around, while the young ones were waiting for their parents to get them food, the females were waiting for the males to impress them, parents with a fish in their beak were looking for their little ones and males searching for a potential mate.

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