A compilation of moments captured on camera and showcased under different chapters like:

Wild Life

Each and every minute a new story unfolds in the wild, a tiger scent marking its territory, a leopard dragging its kill up the tree, alarm calls by hanuman langurs from the canopy, stags fighting for the doe, an crested serpent eagle looking for its prey from its high perch, colorful birds chirping around, elephants striping the bark of the tree, marsh crocodile basking in the sun and many more. This chapter tells these stories from the wild in the form of images.   


Smooth flowing crystal clear water reflecting colors of the green trees lining its edges, the shades of fresh leaves reflected on the waters decorated by the colorfully scattered flowers, the uneven border formed by the lyrical flow of the mountains and hills, their shades changing every moment by the moving shadows of white clouds floating freely across the soothing blue sky, the blue suddenly taken over by the darkness of the night not before a grand display of red, yellow and orange of twilight, shooting stars and romantic moon... you will find all this here.

Creative Art

Every image has a thought process behind it, if some depict day to day life, some document natural history, some emotions are frozen, sometimes beauty enhanced, but in few images it recreates imagination bringing in myriad thoughts in the minds of the viewer. Check how you connect with the images showcased here.  


Portraits to sports, events to family moments, feast to festival, anything and everything, which do not fall under any of the above categories can be found here.

Your Images

This chapter is a collection of images shot by the participants of the workshop, day outings, trips and members of Katte. Winning entries for 'Image of the Month' and 'Best Image' will be announced here.
Apart from 'Image of the Month' and 'Best Image', participants and Katte members can also contribute images for this gallery. Every month the 2 best contributions will be selected by the admin panel for displaying under this section.
In case of participants, only images shot during Bracketing Circle's workshops, outings and trips will be considered, but there are no such restrictions for members of Katte.
Win reward points for each of your image selected for this gallery.