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Basic Photography Workshop # 14 - 22nd April 2017

Announcing the 14th Basic Photography Workshop, a weekend session to be held on 22nd April will cover the artistic aspects along with the basics of photography.

The workshop to be conducted by Abhi Madangeri is open for all and has no prerequisites. The workshop will be conducted in a lively interactive manner and all topics will be explained with examples for better understanding. 

This session is not restricted to the basic technicalities of camera, but it also involves a lot of insights and tips which aims at nurturing your creative outlook.  

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About Basic Photography Workshops

Our Basic Photography Workshops are conducted on a regular basis and aims at getting more and more people interested in photography. It is not just about photography but also about meeting new people and discussing interesting topics about Photography and Travel. Once smitten by the shutterbug, it is difficult to while away time sitting indoors during weekend instead the free time would be effectively spent exploring new places and meeting new people.

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