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About Basic Photography Workshops

Our Basic Photography Workshops are conducted on a regular basis and aims at getting more and more people interested in photography. It is not just about photography but also about meeting new people and discussing interesting topics about Photography and Travel. Once smitten by the shutterbug, it is difficult to while away time sitting indoors during weekend instead the free time would be effectively spent exploring new places and meeting new people.


What will I learn from the workshop?

You will be learning the fundamental skills and techniques of Photography. The workshop will cover all the basic things you need to know about your camera and photography.

What do I need to join this workshop?
Interest and curiosity to learn is all you need. The workshop would be conducted in an easy to understand manner without too much of technical jargon involved. It would involve more of discussion and interaction with some fun activities and certainly would not be a classroom style session. So your curiosity to learn the concepts will lead to a lot of questions and in turn make the workshop more interesting.
And you need not have a camera to attend the workshop, but we recommend you carry it along if you have one.

What is the duration of the workshop?
The workshop is divided into 2 parts, indoor theory session and an outdoor field session.
The indoor theory session would be around 4 hours but may increase based on the number of questions that come up and the outdoor field session would be conducted next day early next morning and the duration would be 2-3 hours.

My mom and dad are interested, can they attend the workshop too?
There are no age restrictions for attending the workshop. Anybody from school kids to senior citizens can attend the workshop; the only prerequisites are an interest in Photography and zest to learn. 

Can I make those amazing images once I attend the workshop?
Yes, you can make those amazing images only if you implement and experiment with the things learnt during the workshop. The workshop will help you get started with Photography, thereafter its a long journey with unlimited creative possibilities. We would suggest you to join 'Katte' which would help you explore the creative side of yourself and keep up your interest in photography.

Please do write to us in case you have more questions in mind. 

To register for the Workshop, submit your details below:
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